After seeing the tornado damage to the Hampton Inn in Fultondale in January, I thought to myself what did the management do to get people to a safe place? Did they have a plan? If they did have have a plan, how did they let customers know? I have worked in retail management for a large portion of my adult life and at no job did that company have a Plan of Action for when the store was placed under a tornado warning. This was our motivation and inspiration for the creation of ITAS For Business.

ITAS For Business video presentation

Components of ITAS For Business

Applicable to a variety of businesses, ITAS For Business is a comprehensive approach for dealing with tornadoes. First, we evaluate your business site and operations to develop a recommended Plan of Action of what to do when placed under a Tornado Warning. We then equip your business with multiple ways to receive warnings including Wireless Emergency Alerts, ITAS subscriptions, and a centralized weather radio. We have tornado simulations to ensure that your business understands and can perform the Plan of Action. Lastly, your business is given 24/7 radar surveillance. If a Tornado Warning is ever issued for your business, a meteorologist at The Guardian Canary will ensure that your business received the warning and will contact your business when the threat has passed. After installation, your business is presented with an Imminent Tornado Preparedness Certification (ITPC) that can be presented to your insurance company. Click here for more information.

First Customers

Some of initial customers to utilize ITAS for Business include Shoe Station and Spring Hill Presbyterian Mother’s Day Out and Day School. For Shoe Station, all 21 locations and the Corporate Headquarters have been equipped with ITAS for Business. Each store was given a site specific, recommended Plan of Action for Tornado Warnings, including specific plans on how to handle large crowds during special events such as Black Friday and Vendor Day. With 65 students under the age of 5, a step-by-step Plan of Action was vital to ensuring that SHP Mother’s Day Out and Day School is prepared if a Tornado Warning is issued for them. Each teacher is equipped with multiple ways to receive warnings and is well-versed in the Plan of Action. Tornado simulations are done routinely to ensure the school’s preparedness.