The Guardian Canary

alerts when you need them
the most!

The Guardian Canary, LLC was created to help save lives from devastating weather events. The current national weather industry is focused on educating the public about new electronic advances and means of receiving alerts. We are focused on alerting the public in ways that will increase the likelihood of people taking action to protect their lives.  We are embracing the societal tendencies of relying on old methods of receiving alerts, such as texts and sirens, that most weather enterprises view as archaic and unreliable. With our unique set of services, The Guardian Canary is changing the paradigm of alerting for the fields of broadcast meteorology, home security, virtual assistant providers, personalized alerts, neighborhood protection, and beach safety. The Guardian Canary is the brainchild of our founding members.


The Guardian Canary Lines of Service

Imminent Tornado Alerting Service

Alerts customers via text message only when their home or business is in the direct path of a confirmed or significant tornado.

Emergency Drone Alerting System

Alert the public via drones when facing life-threatening weather or dangerous surf conditions.

Meet Our Team


Scott M. Elmore


Our CEO, Scott M. Elmore, is an experienced and highly educated meteorologist whose vision is to alter the manner in which people are alerted to impending weather events. Having graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of South Alabama, Scott received his meteorology degree while also interning for the National Weather Service and the American Red Cross Disaster Services Division. Upon graduation, he gained employment with the National Weather Service office in Goodland, KS where some of his research on NWS social media posts of warnings and public interactions was recognized by the Central Region Director. Scott has been a part of numerous severe weather situations, participated in statewide and national conference calls for high ranking federal and state decision makers, and has taught countless community weather spotter and awareness classes. Through all of these activities, Scott has gained invaluable knowledge of how the weather warning process works, how it is used by emergency managers and community leaders, and what truly motivates the public to take action to protect their lives. It is his hope that The Guardian Canary, LLC can work within the weather community to help save lives and bring effective weather alerts to all walks of life in the United States.

Mitch Elmore


Robert Mitchell (Mitch) Elmore is our President.  He has a BS in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science and over 43 years of IT experience with BellSouth and Regions bank.  Leading projects that were critical to his company was his specialty.  He enjoys being in on the ground level of efforts that make a difference.  Thinking “out of the box” and setting people up to be successful are his trademarks.  So, the opportunity to be involved on this ground-breaking effort with his oldest son is a real treat.