Emergency DRone Alerting System 

Beach SAfety Configuration
Become one of the safest beaches in the U.S. with our one-of-a-kind system.

Why Choose EDAS?

It’s a red flag warning day and visitors are headed to the beach. Considering the high risk for rip currents, it is imperative for swimmers to stay out of the water. You go to your EDAS control panel and launch the drones to fly a programmed route, playing this pre-recorded message: “There is a red flag warning, stay out of the water.” Most people adhere to the message, but suddenly someone frantically runs to the lifeguard saying their child has been pulled away from the shore and is in danger of drowning.

When the lifeguard contacts you at the remote command center, you take manual control of the drone and use its thermal imaging camera to locate the swimmer. You deliver instructions on how to break the rip current through the drone’s loudspeaker, and the swimmer is able to return to shore. Another potential fatality is averted, contributing to your rating as the safest beach in the U.S.


EDAS provides advanced protection for your community. Our cutting edge drone technology will help you protect your visitors and become one of the safest beaches in the U.S.


Autonomous drones use pre- programmed or “on the fly” recorded messages to alert beachgoers of any danger.


Assist in locating and aiding distressed swimmers, monitor waters for dangerous marine life, or detect rip currents.


Quickly respond to emergencies with alerts or surveillance, or assess storm damage.


Monitor events from above to assist in crowd control and safety.


Individualized tornado warnings, wildfire response, flash flood emergency response, etc.


Customizable system includes 1 or more docking stations, 1 or more Osprey drones, and one smart control/monitoring system.

  • Each docking station features an automated roof system which can be controlled on-site or from a remote command center.

  • Each drone is made of military-grade material. They can be airborne within 5 seconds and can fly for 55 minutes, even carrying a 6.6 pound payload.

  • Remote monitoring software enables the command and control of the drones from anywhere at any time. Drones transmit thermal video in real time.

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