Imminent Tornado Alerting Service (ITAS) for Business

by The Guardian Canary

Tailored to suit the needs and specifications of your business, ITAS for Business covers you from the beginning of a tornadic event to the end. Businesses are given multiple, reliable ways to receive tornado warnings including subscriptions to our Imminent Tornado Alerting Service. After a comprehensive evaluation of your business, a recommended plan of action is created to give you steps to follow when a tornado warning is received. Through tornado simulations, you and your staff are trained to ensure your new plan is implemented properly. Lastly, your business is given 24/7 radar monitoring. Anytime severe weather is possible in your area, The Guardian Canary maintains radar vigilance to help protect your business


ITAS for Business Video

Includes all of these benefits

  • Imminent Tornado Alerting Service (ITAS) subscriptions for all your business locations
  • A comprehensive Tornado Safety Evaluation of your Business site by a Certified Meteorologist
  • Developing a Plan of Action in case of Tornado Emergency
  • Onsite Training of your staff for Tornado Emergencies
  • A Tornado Emergency Drill if requested
  • 24/7 Radar Monitoring during any possible severe weather events

Large Retail Corporation

All 21 locations and the Corporate Headquarters have been equipped with ITAS for Business. Each store was given a site specific, recommended Plan of Action for Tornado Warnings, including specific plans on how to handle large crowds during special events such as Black Friday and Vendor Day.

Mother's Day Out and Day School

With 65 students under the age of 5, a step-by-step Plan of Action was vital to ensuring that the school is prepared if a Tornado Warning is issued for them. Each teacher is equipped with multiple ways to receive warnings and is well-versed in the Plan of Action. Tornado Simulations are done routinely to ensure the school’s preparedness.