Imminent Tornado Alerting Service (ITAS) for Emergency Management

by The Guardian Canary

Have multiple ways of receiving the NWS warnings. This is something known throughout the weather community . Now you can offer your constituents a unique service that is delivered using a different medium. SMS messaging is reliable and fast. Watch the video below and see how ITAS works. Then call us to find out how YOU can customize this for your audience.  Since ITAS only alerts people when their house or business is in the direct path of a CONFIRMED or OBSERVED tornado, there are no frivolous alerts waking customers in the middle of the night for no reason.



Video on How ITAS works

  • Alerts customers via text message only when their home or business is in the direct path of a confirmed or significant tornado
  • Filters National Weather Service Tornado Warnings to maximize accuracy
  • Personalized alerts based on the exact location of the customer’s home or
    business address (NOT the closest cell tower to their cell phone)
  • With a verification rate near 70%, ITAS usage results in significantly fewer
    false alarms (*Unfiltered National Weather Service Tornado Warnings
    have a near 75% false alarm rate)
  • Accuracy gives customers confidence to take action and protect their loved
    ones when they receive an ITAS alert
  • Customers can include multiple phone numbers that can be alerted per
  • Uses Nocturnal Tornado Index (NTI): A proprietary index that lessens the
    filtering restrictions of ITAS for specific National Weather Service Offices’
    County Warning Areas when Storm Prediction Center Outlook threat levels
    and its own computed index threshold are met between the hours of 10PM to

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Promo Code is provided to EMAs to distribute to their constituents which allows them to sign up for ITAS free of charge. This promo code is valid for 30 days.  The number of times this code may be used is equal to the number of constituents you registered in computing your deposit. Deductions will be made from the final invoice to EMAs to account for the actual number of signups.