Imminent Tornado Alerting Service (ITAS) for Broadcast

by The Guardian Canary

“Have multiple ways of receiving  warnings.” This is something every broadcast meteorologist says multiple times. Now you can offer your customers a unique service that is delivered using a different medium. SMS messaging is reliable and fast. Watch the video below and see how ITAS works. Then call us to find out how YOU can customize this for your audience.


Video on How ITAS works

  • ITAS can be named whatever a station would like
  • ITAS alerts still go to customers via SMS text message
  • ITAS signup can be seamlessly integrated into the stations app or website
  • TV stations are providing their viewers another “Multiple Way of Receiving Warnings” that originates from a different information path than other alerts.
  • Since ITAS alerts are more accurate when issued, it helps build confidence in their viewers
  • Smartphone not required to receive alerts; increases a stations reach (39% of people 65+ own a cellphone, but not a smartphone; 24% of all people in rural areas also)

The Guardian Canary partnered with four senior meteorology students from the University of South Alabama to create videos to demonstrate how ITAS can be incorporated into severe weather coverage.



” I’m so glad I signed up for the Guardian Canary. Last night I kept seeing the weather service announcements about a tornado warning, but I have seen these before and nothing ever happened. I began to wonder if I should get my grandchildren up and move into the bathroom. When I got the alert from Guardian Canary, I knew it was time to take action. Thank God we were not hit by a tornado, but I felt safer. Not only did I receive the alert but my daughter who was at work and my son who lives nearby received it as well.”

Doris F.

I was just about to head out with my son when I got an alert from ITAS stating there was a tornado near. I looked at the weather and the tornado was headed right where I was going. Glad I signed up for this and got the text alert when I did..

Dani B

I have tested ITAS using test customers set up in a grid every 5 miles or so all across the United States. I’ve watched hundreds of alerts come in on our test locations. Every time I think of all the real people that are being impacted and wish they were being alerted by our service.

Paul Shellum

I would not have known about the bad weather near my house if it wasn’t for The Guardian Canary. I got the alert on my phone and turned on the tv to see that the tornado was indeed close to my neighborhood. Thank you for the precise alert and helping us stay safe. I will be recommending you to all my friends and family. 
Heather F.