“What is ITAS?”

ITAS stands for Imminent Tornado Alerting Service and alerts customers when they are in the direct path of an observed and/or destructive tornado.

“How does ITAS work?”

ITAS takes National Weather Service Tornado Warnings and applies a proprietary algorithm to determine when a tornado poses a true, immediate danger and is not simply “Radar Indicated”. Once a customer is determined to be in danger, a text message is sent out.

“What is the difference between ITAS and the alerts I get on my phone?”  

The typical alerts you receive on your phone in regards to Tornado Warnings are done through the Wireless Emergency Alert service.  That service is based on cell towers that are in the Tornado Warning polygon and they include every Tornado Warning issued by the National Weather Service. If you are near one of those cell towers and have weather alerts turned “ON” in your cell phone, you will receive an alert. ITAS, however, only alerts you when a tornado is imminent and is specific to the GPS configured coordinates for the home or business address you provided at signup.

“Does The Guardian Canary share my information with other companies?”

The Guardian Canary will never share or sell your information to any other company. We do use a program to convert your address to GPS coordinates that is owned by a third party company and we use a third party company to send out our text alerts. Both companies never have access to your whole portfolio and both have a strict privacy policy of their own. We go to great lengths to ensure the safety of our customers’ information and privacy.

“What if I or my business moves?”

Unfortunately, you will need to cancel your current subscription and enroll in another subscription with your new address. This can be accomplished by contacting issues@theguardiancanary.com.

“What if I or my business gets a new phone number?”

You can simply contact issues@theguardiancanary.com and they can assist you with that change.